Call for papers

The East European Yearbook on Human Rights is a new regional legal journal, focusing on human rights discourse in the Eastern European area, but situating this in the broader context of worldwide problems and developments in the area of human rights. The journal is a venue to share both common and disparate experiences in relation to human rights and it can be a valuable source of insight for scholars conducting research into other transition situations. Added value is provided by the two journal sections that will offer overviews and analysis of regional human rights practice and literature, in the form of country reports, which aim to become an important resource for the human rights academic research community, human rights activists and civil society in general (to contribute to these sections, email the editors at

The Board of Editors of the East European Yearbook on Human Rights is issuing a Call for Papers for its second issue set to be published in the autumn of 2019. This issue will be partly connected to the conference “Human Rights in the Baltic Countries: Accomplishments and Challenges”, held 15-16 November 2018 in Tallinn. This conference will review trends and developments in relation to the implementation of global and regional human rights instruments in the Baltic countries since the restoration of independence until the present day. The journal invites articles on issues connected to this theme (also in relation to other Eastern European states), focusing, for example,  on actors working for the promotion of human rights (government, businesses, civil society and media) and current and future challenges for the protection of human rights (e.g. migration crisis, minority rights, gender identity rights). In addition, contributions on human rights in general and in different contexts are welcome.

The Yearbook is open to submissions from the entire academic community and is independently (double blind) peer‐reviewed by renowned experts.  The Board of Editors will select articles based on quality of research and writing, diversity, and relevance of topic. Prospective articles, including a brief abstract and a statement of affiliation, should be submitted via email (  and should conform to the journal style guide on our website. The Yearbook has a word limit for general articles is 8 000 – 10 000 words including footnotes. For further information, or for consultation on a potential submission, you can contact the editors at

Deadline for Submissions: 1 October 2018